The relationship between technology and art has evolved production tools for enhanced sound and image control, but it is the creative people who have attracted artists and producers from Los Angeles to London. We have continued to utilize the abilities of a number of talented individuals in dealing with the complexities of a growing involvement in audio and visual production.

Our company mandate reflects our objectives:

To maintain a multiple media market position through production of visual and audio art, and to develop creative talent to the level of international recognition.


Dave Beatty – President

Founded in 1986, Q.E.D. Media is managed by Dave Beatty.

Dave Beatty is an active Audio and Visual Products Producer and is experienced in most aspects of media. His more than 45 years of professional experience from within the Entertainment Industry is richly filled with a wide cross section of unique and practical experiences. His diverse background from Producing, Consulting and Management through to performing and writing music includes years as a touring and session guitarist with recording Artists such as Daniel Lanois, Vehicle and Plateau. He was International Tour Manager for Long John Baldry and Production Manager for Eric Burdon and others.

Dave gained profound insights when he worked with Concert Productions International (CPI) for 9 years in the 1980s as it grew into the biggest Concert Production Company in North America. Dave worked on concerts with Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, U2, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Frank Zappa, Madonna, Peter Gabriel, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones and hundreds more.

Dave was also there in the beginning with Alliance Films when it was formed where he worked for 7 years on hundreds of TV shows an movies.

Dave Beatty has the experience and the ability that you would expect from someone who has worked side by side with the best. He has a genuine love and passion for the creative process. He brings a powerful and intuitive overview of people, production and the entertainment industry to the Q.E.D. Media team.


Alex Zafer – Marketing Director

Having worked with Q.E.D. Media at various levels over the last 10 years, Alex Zafer has since taken the position of Marketing Director and Director of Photography.

Alex Zafer has several years of business development, leadership and management expertise, team mobilization, performance coaching and training. He has directed videos for corporate clients such as New Horizon Development Group, Summit Direct, CoBALT Connects, VideoProm, African Lion Safari, Making the Club Reality Series, as well as productions for Vaikuntha Pictures (Sony Pictures LA), AirTime Media located at Deluxe Laboratories (Producers of PBS, CTV, CBC & Indie Television Programs), SRC ­ Digital Television Productions, Intuit Worldwide, New Media TV, QueenBeez TV, Artemis Music Productions, Zosar Records, and Bell TV, and many other creative development projects.

Alex has brought invaluable service to several start­up enterprises and to some of North America’s top leading organizations including IBM, Bell Canada, Bank of America and American Express to name a few.

As a world renowned photographer and videographer, Alex has been selected for photo­art exhibits in Spain, Japan, the United States and Canada and has had photography published in the CBC website, Hamilton Spectator, Urbanicity Magazine, View Magazine, Digital Journal, 37th Frame, Hamilton Musician Magazine, Blur, JPG Magazine, Pearl Review Magazine, Momentum Magazine and several other digital and print editorials.

With a vast understanding of the technical aspects of cameras, lenses and lighting Alex has become a very in demand DOP on many film and video productions. Alex is extremely perceptive and has a deep understanding of the human condition and that helps make him a great director as he understands the emotional dynamics and convictions needed from the actors to make a scene convincing. Alex has produced and directed documentary, interviews, and has also filmed music videos for several bands, musicians and stage productions and is a past member of I.A.T.S.E. LOCAL 129, the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Moving Picture Technicians, Artists.

With regard to both large and small projects, Alex has a great reputation working with fellow artists, producers, collaborators, advertising and photo agencies, web designers, non­profit organizations and associations who have utilized his services.



Q.E.D. Media offers complete visual production services (HD & DV) with 2 video editing suites using Final Cut Pro, Avid, Premier and Coral Suite as well as WEB broadcast control facilities for live streaming. Currently we are using a four camera set up capable of live-to-web video broadcasting.

We offer full audio production services including original music composition for film, TV and record production. Q.E.D. Media has developed recording and editing studios featuring 2 Protools suites with an extensive MIDI setup, 60, 32, 16 and 12 channel consoles, 40 / 24 / 16-track fully interlocked analog recording capabilities with automated mix down. We have a very talented staff for complete audio post-production services including digital pre-mastering and Mastering. We also have Foley artists and custom sound effects libraries and designers for Film soundtracks.

Through our associations we also offer in-house photography, graphics, WEB design and desktop publishing Services. The talented collective of people working with Q.E.D. Media is really quite impressive with WEB site designers, Photographers, Animators, 3D Modelers, Photoshop experts, a printing company and a very active social media group. Q.E.D. Media has become an established Hamilton MUSIC magnate over the last couple of years with our professional experience and width in service offerings, including an enormous sync-locked audio & visual recording and Internet broadcast control facility together with the capabilities of several experienced producers, editors, composers, performers, engineers and technicians within our network to Hamilton.